don't sweat the technique

im going to teach u about wordplay with help from flocabulary


Wordplay has been used by everybody from Shakespeare

to Atmosphere to make audiences

ooh and ahh

. The

best rappers combine wordplay and metaphors to


create amazing lines that people remember and tell


their grandkids about.



Pro Example

What you get on, it’s fam you can’t trust,

Words and Punch

make rappers March like the third month

Punchline, “Twice Inna Lifetime”

What is Wordplay?

An instance of wordplay in rap is when words signify

two or more different things that make sense in the

context of the line. Wordplay is literally just playing

with the meanings of words.

This is made possible by the fact that words in the

English language (and most languages) can have

multiple meanings. Words can have multiple dictionary

definitions, scientific definitions, colloquial definitions

and slang definitions. The skilled rapper…

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How To Count Bars

don't sweat the technique

im going to show u how to count bars with help from the emcee mind

The Bars and The Beats

Everyone into hip hop has heard the phrase 16 bars. This refers to the length of the standard rap verse, but can you answer these questions? What’s a bar? Can you count them properly? Why 16 in the first place? In this post I will answer these questions for you.
I’ve heard the bar described from the emcee’s prospective. This description is, with one rhyme….
(i.e. “I stabbed moments of idle and got time on my hands.
 its dripping down my arms as I try to make a plan
a bar would be half of the rhyme or one line ( I stabbed moments of idle and got time on my hands = 1 bar). While this is true it is not completely accurate. The…

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